Love. Marriage. Cancer

Today is our two month anniversary. Our wedding on the 27 August was beautiful, the start of something magical because I married the most amazing man (yes, I’m bragging). We were trying for a baby when a month later, I felt a lump in my breast. I even thought, “Maybe a sign of pregnancy?” but I think I somehow  didn’t quite believe that. After a mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy and a weekend of excruciating waiting, my doctor told us that I have been diagnosed with  breast cancer.


Our Wedding Day.

Honestly, the fact that you now have the  cancer is a tad bit overwhelming and the decision to try and document some of this is mainly for myself and maybe it will be of use to someone else. There’s so much information we’ve had to ingest and process, decisions that had to be made in the last 2 and a half  weeks…one has no idea. I’ll share some of that at a later stage.

For now…I want everyone to know that I don’t see this as a death sentence. It’s cancer. I don’t wish it to be hushed and feared and have the status of “He who cannot be named”(Potter fan much?). I call it by its name. Breast Cancer. I call it out. And I intend to destroy it with the support of my awesome husband, family and friends by my side, my army of prayer warriors, my amazing team of doctors and the great God I serve!

I will try to get those who want to know up to speed in the next few days as chemo will soon be rearing it’s head. Thank you for the all the love and support I’ve already received. Know that I will fight like a girl, losing is not an option and although cancer sucks, it will not win. Of that I’m sure.891283d92c8500cc8ac3d0f238c85af2.jpg

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4 Responses to Love. Marriage. Cancer

  1. Rosedene says:

    Thank you for bieng brave ! We love you guys so much. We will fight with you. girls! Mwah!

  2. Alphonso says:

    Love your approach and honesty! But then I have always loved this about you , why should you be any different now that you have this fight with cancer. All strength to you. Add me to your list of prayer warriors Vanessa.

  3. idelette says:

    Sending you so much LOVE from afar, Vanessa. Of course you’ve got this. Cheering you on!

  4. Eloise says:

    wow beautiful

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